I'm Leandro Lovisolo, a computer science student at Universidad de Buenos Aires.
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Calendator: My Latest App

Screenshot Check out my newest app: Calendator.

Calendator lets you quickly generate printable calendars right from your browser. Great for sketching your schedule, drafting estimates during a meeting and as a regular calendar that you can stick on your wall.

The app is inspired in David Seah’s Compact Calendar. I’ve been using the Compact Calendar for some time now and I’ve found it to be a very practical and fun tool. However, David’s calendar is year-long, and I usually only need to mark dates that are three or maybe four months into the future at most. Also, sometimes I need to mark dates in the next year. So, out of necessity, I decided to put together this little tool. Try it out.


Calendator is a pure client side application. The interface is built using Twitter’s Bootstrap toolkit, the CSS is preprocessed using Less, handling of dates is done with Date.js and everything is tied together with jQuery. Source code available on GitHub.

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