About me

I'm Leandro Lovisolo, a computer science student at Universidad de Buenos Aires.

In another life, I founded and ran Custómica, a custom-designed t-shirt store for the Argentinian market. You can read the post-mortem here. The site is still running in read-only mode, and I've since released its source code.

In the past, I've worked at the local startup Livra.com, an online social shopping community, where I helped build their website and awesome community.

You can browse my open source projects on GitHub, see my profile on LinkedIn and follow me on Twitter. Write me at hi@leandro.me.

Open source projects

An in-browser visualization of basic data structures written in C++.
Source code for customica.com, my defunct startup.
Generate printable calendars right from your browser.
Parallel port input/output monitor for Windows.
The blog you're currently reading.

About this website

This website is built with Jekyll and hosted on GitHub. The source code for this blog is available here. You're welcome to fork it or clone it to create your own blog.

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